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Preventing conflict is going to be a critical element of the Lyonesse community design. With this in mind we intend to also adopt the Acorn Community Compassionate Communication Policy.


Acorn Community Compassionate Communication Policy

  • We discourage gossip, which we define as conversation that negatively affects the behavior and thoughts of others without those concerns being brought to the focus person for resolution.

  • Instead of letting initial reactions and judgements prevail, we try to be slow to judge and to engage in neutral inquiry.

  • In situations of conflict we work to genuinely desire a good outcome for the person we are in conflict with, reminding ourselves to talk to each other openly and honestly, and to see and feel things from each other’s perspective.

  • We encourage building relationships with each other, so that should conflict arise we have some basis of friendship and understanding to work from; it is that familiarity and those connections that make it easier to transition out of conflict and to be supportive.

  • We try to regularly check in with each other to remain aware of how each of us is doing.

  • When relating past events or describing situations, we try to do so in the most objective way we can, describing the facts and how it has made us feel, instead of assigning motives or judgements to others.

  • We strive to cultivate a culture of forgiveness.

  • We strive to respect each other’s opinions, even if we disagree.

  • In giving criticism, we strive to be direct while being attuned and sensitive to each other’s individual varying communication styles. In receiving criticism, we strive to be open and not defensive or reactionary.

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Communications Policy

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