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Rules & Ethics Introduction

Harmonious, socially just and environmentally sustainable communities can only be achieved as a result of careful planning. Lyonesse is designed for people who want to live in these kinds of relationships with each other and the planet. 


We think the movability of Tiny Houses on Wheels (THoW’s) allows better opportunities for like-minded people to build community together than communities where people own their own land and build a house on foundations.


Why we believe THoW’s are a better option:


  • Enables people to move their THoW’s to the social environment that best meets their ever changing interests and needs as they evolve through different life stages.

  • Means people do not have to be somewhere they do not want to be.

  • Enables a greater degree of commonality of purpose because people are there by choice.

  • Allows simpler governance arrangements that will create a safer and more resilient community of like-minded people.

We would like to acknowledge the folk at FEC, Twin Oaks and Acorn for their invaluable contribution to our project, we are walking in their footsteps.  See Links page for their website.


Egalitarian community development and ancient cultural ways of being are the foundation of the Lyonesse social and economic design. This can also be thought of as the glue that will unite members. We realise how important it is to adopt tried and proven rules and codes of behaviour. We will use codes of behaviour and rules from Acorn community. Acorn community is part of a larger federation of very successful egalitarian communities that is backed by forty years of community living.


We will also draw on the egalitarian social codes of Indigenous cultures here in Australia and around the world that have thrived for tens of thousands of years. People in those cultures look after each other and the earth and that is at the heart of what we want to achieve.


We at Lyonesse recognise sovereign owners of country and will engage with them on their terms.


The Lyonesse codes of conduct and rules will also govern the social enterprises that will sustain community members, as is the case with the Acorn egalitarian community in the US. This is a win for governments who want to decrease the number of people dependent on welfare payments who are at risk of becoming homeless. It is also a win for people like us because it will give us valued roles, a community, shelter, food and health care.


We invite you to examine the rules and codes that Acorn utilises in the drop down menu pages below this one. Some of the questions we would hope you might ask yourself as you read the rules and codes are:

  • Can you imaging yourself living in this sort of relationships with other people and the earth?

  • How would this change the way you feel about yourself?


If the responses from these two questions are positive we hope you will get in touch with us and become involved.

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