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Rules & Ethics Summary

Harmonious, socially just and environmentally sustainable communities can only be achieved as a result of careful planning. Lyonesse is specifically designed for people who want to live in socially just and environmentally sustainable relationships with each other and the planet. 


Lyonesse is inspired by the idea of making technology work for us. Modern culture has created many useful technologies and techniques that we can use to reduce the hardship of sustaining ourselves in an environmentally sustainable and socially just cultural context.


Where do we find environmentally sustainable and socially just social, cultural, legal and spiritual precepts that we can utilise to develop a way of living where we have a different relationship with technology and each other and the earth? How can we constructively work together with all these tools to create the sort of community we want to live in?


We believe a carefully selected complimentary set of ideas can be combined to create a more fulfilling and meaningful society through modern egalitarian community development strategies combined with the knowledge of ancient civilisations. We will draw on the knowledge of two egalitarian communities in the US. One that has been operating for over forty years and the other which has been funning for twenty-four years. Both of these communities are so successful they have long waiting lists of people wanting to participate. Many ancient civilisations have egalitarian social structures that have enabled them to thrive for tens of thousands of years. They thrived because of the systems they had that ensured people looked after each other and the earth. Sadly, many of these Indigenous civilisations are on the point of collapse at the very time we need them the most. 


Anthropological studies tell us that the culture of Australian Aboriginal people has a lot in common with that of the Celt’s, the American Indians and other Indigenous cultures around the world. The law and culture of these societies ensured good relations between people and the earth achieving a level of social stability and environmental sustainability that is unprecedented in the history of human evolution. What this tells us is that we need the ancient social and economic knowledge of Indigenous people to forge a new way of living that is meaningful, environmentally sustainable and socially just. We do not have to reinvent the wheel. 


This is where treaty negotiations are critical to our process of creating Lyonesse. We need sovereign Aboriginal people to live with us so we can sing the country and each other back to life.


Lyonesse will therefore largely be an exploration of how we can develop more sustainable and socially just relationships with each other and the earth utilising the knowledge and technology that is already available to us from the new world and the old. 


But how do we reclaim this ancient way of being and remain on good terms with state authorities? We believe we can create a win-win situation for government, the wider community and people like us who want to live in a different type of relationship with each other and the earth. This is how we intend to do it.


Housing affordability is increasingly becoming a concern for local governments across Australia as homelessness increases. The Lyonesse project provides a holistically thought out self-sustaining affordable housing options for people most at risk of homelessness who struggle to survive in mainstream society. Economic self-sufficiency will be achieved by setting up social enterprises that will provide all of the needs of community members, as has been done within egalitarian communities in the US. This is explained in more depth in various contexts. Lyonesse will also build tiny houses on wheels for community members as well. This is a win for governments who want to decrease the number of people dependent on welfare payments who are at risk of becoming homeless. It is also a win for people like us too because it will give us valued roles, a community, shelter, food and health care.


We will also provide a brief explanation of how we plan to establish Lyonesse utilise existing caravan park planning laws to obtain planning permission for creating a community with around 100 or more tiny house sites.


This website will also show you what small egalitarian communities in the US of around 100 members have done to create an environmentally sustainable and economically self-sustaining egalitarian society within their community as part of a larger federation of egalitarian communities.


Our structure and systems will be well thought out to ensure accountability, equity and transparency in all aspects of community business. 


If you want to get involved and offer some practical advice or assistance please familiarise yourself with the website first and then get in touch with us.


We would love to hear from anyone with skills in the following areas who would be willing to volunteer their time to complete specific planning tasks in the following areas:


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